What is your Pouch warranty?

Our  3-year limited warranty covers manufacturing defects, such as blemishes in the fabric, stitching, or zipper of the outer cover upon arrival.

Things that are not covered under the warranty include:

- Wear and tear of the Pouch associated with normal or aggressive use.
- Slow decrease in “loftiness” of filling since this type of product is expected to depress over time. Regular fluffing is expected to improve the longevity of the Pouch.
- Water damage to outer cover, insert cover or filling.
- Damage from use that the Pouch was not designed for – e.g. outdoor use.

If you believe you’re experiencing a defect in your Pouch covered under its warranty, please email us at support@tn.com with photos of the issue and the product tag. We can then determine how best to help.

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