What's the difference between the Mint and Legacy Mint mattresses?

The new iteration of the Mint Mattress has a couple of updated features: the first is that this refreshed model has a removable/washable cover!

You'll see that a zipper runs laterally across the mattress cover so the top portion of the mattress cover can be removed and machine washed in cold water with a gentle detergent, and then tumble dried on a low heat setting. 

We've also changed the way we manufacture this mattress which involves a compression cut - this allows improved air circulation because less glue is needed in the mattress. This new way of manufacturing the Mint also creates better edge support than the previous model so when you're sitting on the edge of the mattress, you'll notice improved support.

Otherwise, the overall feel of the mattress has not changed from model to model, and is still the same bed that our customers love!

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