What do I do if I'm having trouble placing an order?

If you're having trouble placing an order try these suggestions!

First, make sure your billing address is correct. In the payment section, there is a little box that says the billing address is the same as the shipping address. If it is not, uncheck that box and enter your billing address associated with the card that you're using to make the purchase. That should do it!

If your card is declined, check the daily limit of the card you're using. Often a call to the issuing financial institution to temporarily raise your limit will do the trick. 

If items aren't being added to your cart, try clearing your device's cache. You may need to Google directions on how to clear the cache of your specific device. If that doesn't work, trying a different browser is another great option. There are plenty of browsers to choose from but Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari are a few of them. If you are using an Apple device, ordering while in "incognito" mode might fix the issue. If all of these options fail, trying to complete your purchase on another device is the next step. 

If you've chosen Affirm or PayPal as your payment option and you aren't being directed to their site, check your pop-up blockers first to make sure the site can pop up so you can log in. If that doesn't work, try clearing your device's cache, try a different browser, or a different device. 

If you run into any of these issues while trying to check out with a credit or debit card and nothing works, please give us a call at 1-877-842-2586. We're happy to help you place your order over the phone. Affirm and PayPal orders must be done online, so we are not able to place orders over the phone for Affirm or PayPal orders.

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