What is the difference between the Down Alternative Pillow & Down Pillow

Our Down Alternative Pillow is designed to feel medium-firm but instead of down, we use a polyester fill which is hypoallergenic. The Down Alternative Pillow has a cambric cotton encasement, grey piping, and comes in a set of two. A great feature of this pillow is that the whole thing is washable!

Our Down Pillow is also designed to feel medium-firm but has a fill consisting of duck feathers and down. The Down Pillow is breathable, great at regulating temperature, very durable, and is sold as a single item. While this isn't true for all Down Pillows, our pillow is also machine washable! 

*While our Down Alternative pillow is hypoallergenic, down and feather do provide a more hospitable environment for dust with can cause issues for those with allergies. 

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