How do I gift a T&N item?

To purchase T&N items as a gift for someone outside your household, simply follow the steps below:

1. Add the desired items to your cart.

2. Go to checkout and add the purchaser's information for the contact information.

3. At the next screen (shipping), add the information for the person you're gifting the items to.  Please note that we're not able to hide what's in the box, as it is written on the outside of the box.

We don't include payment receipts in our boxes, so the recipient won't see who the item is from or how much it cost. In order to return/exchange the item or for any warranty issues, they'll just need the shipping address/email address/order number, which the purchaser will receive in a confirmation email.

In the event that the giftee would like to return the item, the funds will be returned to the original purchasing card; we're unable to return funds to a different credit card.

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