Do Tuft & Needle mattresses sleep hot?

Our Tuft & Needle Adaptive® foam is open-celled, which makes it very breathable. We use graphite and gel materials to draw and wick away heat from your body. This helps you sleep cooler throughout the night.

Our Mint Mattress also has more graphite than the T&N Original for maximum heat dispersion and added ceramic gel for added cooling. If you tend to be a warm sleeper and want a full-foam mattress, the Mint is what we recommend.
The T&N Mint Hybrid is the most breathable of our mattress offerings with the added coils that allow for maximum airflow.
Accessories like protectors, toppers, and flannel or high-thread-count sheets can affect how hot you'll sleep. While we design all of our accessories to help keep you cool, using other accessories may alter the cooling benefits of our foam.
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