Why are the corners of my mattress rounded?

A newly unboxed mattress may need a few days to take on its proper shape and dimensions. We guarantee our mattresses to over 1” of stated dimensions; anything 1" or below is considered within specification.

Every mattress will be unique in its look and feel as they're hand-assembled, so there is the possibility of human error or minor cosmetic imperfections - some degree of individualization of your mattress is normal and should be expected. For example, surfaces may not be perfectly even, and corners may not be perfectly shaped or symmetrical.
If the corners of your mattress appear to be misshapen, gently tug the cover and fire sock layers at the edges and corners. Do not remove or unzip the mattress cover to do so. These fabric layers can get pulled tight as part of the packing process, resulting in rounded corners. This simple step makes room for the foam to expand and fill out.

If after a few days your mattress has not expanded to size or the corners appear misshapen, contact us at support@tn.com for additional troubleshooting or to walk through the warranty process.

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