What are the frame requirements for Tuft & Needle mattresses?

Tuft & Needle mattresses are designed to be compatible with most frames and foundations. The most important factor in finding a frame or foundation for your mattress is even surface support. Platform frames, slatted frames, box springs, bunky boards, and even adjustable frames will work well with our mattress. If you decide to go with a slatted frame, make sure the space between the slats is no more than 5" apart.

Here are some guidelines about using 'specialty frames: 

  • Bunk beds or Murphy beds: We recommend double-checking the manufacturer's dimension requirements. For example, most bunk bed frames only accommodate mattresses up to 8" thick. If this is the case, we do offer an 8" mattress exclusively through Amazon. You can see the Amazon-exclusive Nod here.
  • Trundle beds: It's important to check the clearance required by the trundle (is it enough for the mattress?) as well as the support provided by the trundle. If there is no solid support under the trundle bed, our mattress will not work well. 
  • Ikea frames that are slightly smaller than the mattress: It might be a snug fit, but the mattress, being foam, should be able to fit into an Ikea frame even if the dimensions are slightly smaller than the mattress.

Note: This means that changing sheets and bedding may be more work each week, as the mattress is slightly stuck into the Ikea frame.

  • Hospital Bed Frames: Our mattress fits some adjustable hospital bed frames. Many are standard twin or twin XL sizes, but some are custom sizes so it's important to measure the frame (or refer to the frame dimensions) to make sure it will fit. 

Our mattresses can be a great option for people who are not bed-ridden, or at risk for pressure ulcers. It's ideal for people who need the adjustable frame or the side rails to keep from falling or are just using the frame for nighttime sleep use.

Not recommended: 

  •  Futons
  • Plywood
  • Sofa Beds
  • Waterbed Frames
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