Lost or Stolen Packages

If you've been following the delivery of your packages and notice that your package has been delivered but you aren't able to locate it, follow these steps.

1. Check the area around your home, sometimes FedEx will deliver to a side door or perhaps try to hide the package to keep it secure.

2. Ask a neighbor, sometimes a neighbor is mistakenly delivered the package or perhaps they brought it in for safekeeping.

3. If you're in an apartment complex, check your leasing office or mailroom. Some apartments require packages of a certain size to be delivered to the office or lobby.

If you've tried all of the suggestions that apply, feel free to reach out so that we can begin a trace with FedEx. A trace can take 2-3 business days and FedEx will attempt to locate the package and check for misdelivery. In the event the package was delivered to the wrong address they will attempt to pick the package up and redeliver it. 

You can contact us via email at support@tn.com or by phone at 1-877-842-2586.

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