I have a shipping exception on my tracking, what does it mean?

Shipping exceptions occur when a package is temporarily delayed while in transit. Every effort is made to deliver packages as soon as possible, but here are some examples of common delivery exceptions and what they may mean for you:

Barcode label unreadable and replaced: The label on the package was damaged so FedEx printed a new label and replaced the old one. Your package will continue its transit and deliver like normal.

Local Weather Delay - Delivery not attempted: Occasionally local weather (or weather along a specific delivery route) can delay delivery. By default, delivery is reattempted once the weather permits.

Customer not available or business closed: FedEx’s standard delivery hours are Monday-Friday between 8a-8p. A signature is not required for T&N packages and drivers are encouraged to use their discretion when making these deliveries. This alert may be generated by a number of scenarios, but most often relates to one of the below situations.

A driver may not feel comfortable leaving a package unattended at a residence so they will reattempt delivery the next business day. Your tracking will update to reflect the new delivery date. If you would like to provide delivery instructions for your driver, please reach out to our Customer Experience team at 877-842-2586 or contact FedEx directly at 1-800-463-3339.

If your shipping address points to a business that is closed or inaccessible when delivery is attempted, the driver will re-attempt delivery the next business day. If you need to change the delivery address on your order, please reach out to our Customer Experience team at 877-842-2586.

Please note: FedEx makes 3 consecutive attempts (excluding weekends and major holidays) to deliver a package before returning it to us.

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