Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Standard transit times to Alaska and Hawaii are typically around 7-10 business days. Keep in mind that it can be a little longer when shipping to more rural areas.

Due to the increased costs of shipping, a charge is added to orders sent to Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping costs range anywhere from $150-$200 per mattress and may change depending on the destination. Shipping costs for smaller and mid-sized products range from $30-$80. Costs are based on product/model, size, and destination.
This charge will be reflected in your shopping cart as you check out, so you can view the full cost before you purchase.
Please note that in the event of a return, the extra shipping cost will not be refunded.
We are unable to support in-home setup plus old mattress haul away in these states at this time. 
Additionally, because our Wood Frame is required to be delivered through a non-FedEx carrier, these items are not available for purchase in Alaska or Hawaii.
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